Reconnect with nature.
Listen to your body.

Radical Herbs was created with a vision to help guide people back to a path of empowerment through reclaiming their health. Our health is ours to have, ours to nourish and ours to take back.

When we begin to truly listen to our inner stories we hear the whispers from our deepest being. By reconnecting with ourselves, healing ourselves piece by piece, we begin to feel accountable for our health and our actions slowly change.

By relearning how to turn to the earth for support through food, herbal medicine and caring for the land and space we inhabit, we become in tune with what our bodies truly need.

Radical Offerings

Flower Essences

These vibrational remedies quietly shift our emotional and mental capacities. Each essence, or essence blend, uniquely addresses our current state of being. Flower essences are gentle remedies suitable for people of all ages (and pregnant or nursing parents).


Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine can address both acute and chronic conditions. From warding off the flu to lessening allergic reactions, this medicine supports our body in a myriad of ways. Herbal medicine is often in the form of tincture, oxymel (vinegar and honey infusion), syrup, tea, infused honey, and the list goes on.


Custom Blends

When we truly understanding the emotional, physical and spiritual or mental states of ourselves we can often heal from all angles. By gently nudging at the roots with a unique combination of remedies we can comb out the stuck patterns, physical ailments, etc.


Our symptoms are not our whole story, there’s a deeper tale waiting to be told.

Slow Herbalism

Heal yourself as simply as possible. Examine what you eat, where it comes from, how you feel every day, the stories you are living. Look deeper and listen. Along with herbal knowledge and lifestyle curiosities, Radical Herbs is a resource to share mindful practices that help support our journey to understanding.

By looking at our societal beliefs, cycles of nature, habits of self care and, most importantly, into ourselves, we work together towards empowerment. Let’s create a place where education and self-help are accessible and in the sphere of common knowledge. Let’s remember together.


Radical Words

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Empowerment Through Health

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