Telling My Tale

I listen. Listen to messages that often go unheard. Hearing the subtle signs that my body needs to be heard, tuning in to the rhythms of nature to find nurturing suggestions.

When we truly listen we find the answers. We don’t (and we won’t) always feel in-tune. We can’t seek perfection but we can empower ourselves through the simple, daily act of listening.

I believe that it is imperative to understand what is going on in my body. What makes me feel good? What makes me feel bad? How can I take better care of myself? Our bodies are our vessels in this life, why not take great care of them?

I started practicing intuitive herbalism because it felt right. I understood the messages of plants and because of that I began to use flower essences. Through their gentle healing, a spark was lit and I dove deeper. I found that infusing herbs into different mediums each had their purpose, their healing effect. You’ll often find me sorting through jars (and jars, and jars) of herbs and concoctions. I make my offerings as gift to our bodies from the earth. It brings me joy spreading the knowledge and healing power of plants to those who seek nourishing.

… by the way my name is Christina

Empowerment Through Health

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