Uncover Your Specific Herbal Protocol

Unsure what remedy is for you? Let’s talk and get to the bottom what’s currently going on.

During our initial conversation we’ll talk about what you’re feeling now, things you’ve gone through in the past, and what you hope for for the future. This can go for your physical, emotional, and energetic states.

After we talk I’ll create a unique and supportive herbal protocol for you. Some people find this is enough to create a shift for themselves, while others like to follow-up and tailor the protocol to what shifts have taken place.

Initial Evaluation:
$65 | Includes initial conversation (typically up to 45 minutes), creation and recommendation of herbal protocol, and 10% off remedies outlined in protocol.

$30 | During the follow-up call we’ll discuss what shifts have taken place, and how the recommended remedies are supporting you.

Empowerment Through Health

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